Digipak Research 1 – Calvin Harris


The cover above is effective as it follows the rule of thirds with having the house on the left, Calvin’s shadow centre and Calvin himself on the right looking to his left making the image already interesting. The writing of the label stands out due to it firstly being in a clear font and colour but also because it follows the structure of the bricks. I also like how Calvin is in front of the writing making it look like the writing is printed onto the wall. The image is taken in what looks like a quite street side giving that urban feel to it which complements his style of music being pop and dance.


Here we have the CD, and on it is the same writing as the cover in the same colour and font. This is effective as it makes a trademark for his album. This choice of font and colour against the black background makes it easy to read and stands out as it gives off a professional look.


Here we have the back cover which is the same as the cover photo however this time has a wider camera angle allowing you to see more of his location. On this back cover however, there is more information such as the music that the CD contains as well as the record label to name a few.


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