When choosing Actors to be in my music video I had to take into consideration first of all the gender of the singer and if they were to suit the voice. Due to this, I have decided to keep the performance and the narrative element separate by using two different guys to do each. I think this will be effective as the narrative guy will be telling a story through the performers song.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 16.24.47

Here is the performer in my music video. He will be doing a bit of lip syncing at the beginning of the song. After I interviewed Laurence for my target audience survey, I was able to see that he was comfortable in front of the camera and therefore have decided for him to be the performer.


This is Chris and he will be in the narrative element to music video. His role is to tell the story that the performer will be singing. The reason why I have used two different actors is because I think it will be effective when coming to watch the video as the performance and narration will be split up and therefore will hopefully attract a wider audience and allow them not to loose interest.


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