As of yet, I am still deciding what props, if any, I should use in my music video. From the results in my survey many people said speakers as well as just having lots of people and dancing. However, in my music video I want to aim to challenge these stereotypical conventions especially as I am doing a dance lyric music video. Therefore my inspiration is ‘What Do You Mean?’ Justin Bieber’s lyric video. This being because the only props used are the stake boards which are used throughout the video. If I were to do something similar I would perhaps film a surfer and the preparation before entering the water. This meaning my only props would be the surfboard and items evolving around surfing for example wax, wetsuits, leashes, fins etc.


After finishing my music video, I decided to use the prop of a surfboard as my video was based around surfing. This however was the only prop as I thought that any more would take away from the footage. I have made this prop noticeable using my animation by drawing around the shape of it.


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