Rotoscoping Experimenting


I was inspired by Justin Bieber’s lyric video of ‘What Do You Mean?’ when I came across rotoscoping. From this I liked the look and style it had so I uploaded some existing footage I had filmed into Photoshop where I was able to see frame by frame. By doing this exercise I was made aware of the time and effort that it demands as there is 25 frames per second therefore meaning that in the clip below I drew a total of 225 drawings over the footage. I really liked experimenting with this as I was in control of what it looked liked and what effect I wanted to portray. Something I found is that as I had a person walking towards the camera, the white outlines were getting thinner due to keeping the brush took on 3 throughout. When I come to editing my final draft, I will bare in mind that I may need to change the thickness of the paint brush in order to maintain the same effect.

Only Love – experimenting from Megan Cochrane on Vimeo.


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