Evaluation 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Evaluation 1 2 from Megan Cochrane on Vimeo.

When in the research stage I was collecting information about the locations and costumes of existing music videos and expectations of music videos with the genre of dance music. I was finding that locations would be somewhere with a lot of people at perhaps a party or in a city or a beach and that the costumes for male artists would either be smart with a shirt and tie or casual with a loose t-shirt and some jeans. For example in Calvin Harris’s music video here we can see this stereotypical convention of the clothing being plain and chilled not taking away the attention from the surroundings. When comparing this research with my final music video I have used these conventions of costume and location however have teen them further. For example with the location, I have the actor at a beach however have taken him into the sea something which I was inspired by in Jack Johnson’s music video here. This develops the convention by giving a different perception of the beach. By having the actor in the water, his costume obliviously changes as well to a wetsuit which we see him changing into with the first section of the video and then towards the end back into the normal conventions of clothing for a dance genre, which is loose chilled clothing such as a hoodie and jeans. When researching exiting dance genre music videos, there didn’t seem to be any props that stood out from normal, just the conventional cars, drinks, music player, phone etc and therefore with having the surfboard in my music video it adds to challenging and developing the conventions as some may disagree with having a surfboard in a dance music video.  I think I have also developed the conventions of dance genre music videos with the element of animation. This can be due to the fact that it is no normally done and therefore is striking and effective as we see in Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean lyric video.

I think that my digipak develops the conventions of real media products as with only having the logo on the cover it represents what I think dane music is about, recognising the sound rather than the artist and therefore by having a simple effective logo it is easily recognisable. This being said for the website as well, I think it uses the conventions appropriately as it gets the information across simply and clearly with having interactive elements such as merchandise and being able to listen to the artists’ music.



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