Evaluation 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Evaluation 2 1 from Megan Cochrane on Vimeo.

I think the combination of both my media product being the music video and the ancillary texts are effective because they both are portraying the dance genre by linking in with each other. This would be through using similar style images that fit together and using them on both my website and digipak. By having a logo I thought this was a really useful way of connecting both the ancillary texts as they would look professional as well as fitting with one another. Even though the images used have a variety of content you can still tell that they were taken in the same or similar location, having the same beach/acoustic feel combined with the abstract colour which brings in the dance genre element. Although the music video isn’t in abstract colour I have edited places such as using coloured animation on the black background and edited some footage into abstract colour in order to relate to the digipak. On the digipak, with the human figure I have drawn around him to again link the two products together. Trying to link these elements with my website is also crucial because this is where people will be interested in looking at to find out more information about the artist. For this, I have added elements such as allowing the viewer to listen to some of the songs and therefore have the album covers of the recognisable photos I used for the digipak. I have also added a merchandise page where my logo is featured and therefore again is a recognisable symbol people will remember and associate with the artist.

Moving on towards how the media product reflected the ancillary texts is mainly through the editing and the camera work. This was done through the choice of shots I used for example here, I held the camera to the surfboard so that when he picked up the board I had a different and quirky shot. Again here, I attached the GoPro to the surfer and therefore was able to get almost a point of view shot to allow the audience to feel engaged with the media product. Using these elements of editing and camera angles links in with my ancillary texts due to the style of them fitting with the genre and look of them both. For example if I was doing a slow acoustic genre I would have long duration shots and the colour scheme would be dull using pastels which I would then have the same colour scheme for the website and digipak. However for mine, The combination of quick editing, animation and colour link with the digipak and website so that they all represent the genre of dance music.


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