Evaluation 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Evaluation 3 from Megan Cochrane on Vimeo.

From my first draft feedback I had originally filmed the artist on a white background with him wearing a white shirt with only whet animation around him. The feedback I got from this is that the animation looked good however was lost almost the white of his clothes and background and therefore was footage that wasn’t really of any importance. So therefore taking this into consideration I decided to re film using a black background and with coloured animation so that it would stand out more and look to professional. I also decided to start with the artist in normal colour and then colour him into a white silhouette so that he wouldn’t distract from the lyrics, also creating more of a dance music feel to it.

With my first draft of my digipak the feedback that I received was that the font choice didn’t match the logo and the rest of the covers and that it was too big. So here is my final one where as you can see I have changed the font choice so that it coordinates with the rest of the digipak. Once changing this element I found that it was actually more easier to read and looked more professional. Some people weren’t too sure about having no name of the album on the front cover or a picture of the artist himself, however I found that it was more striking and attractive without and therefore stuck with just the logo. In some of my research I have found existing album covers with just symbols of logos instead of names and artist photos, for example, Ed Sheeran’s album ‘X’ and I looked at them and think that they are bold and looked cool and therefore I was happy to leave the cover how it was.

Not all of my feedback received was for my created products, I was gathering feedback in the research and planning stage before shooting my music video. This feedback came from tasks such as a survey I conducted in order to find out more about where people expected a dance genre music video to be set for example. I was gathering information about the construction of my media productions and my ancillary tasks. All feedback is useful in every stage of the process as it allows you to develop, shaw and expand your ideas and creative ability to eventually come out with a really successful media product something which not only acquire to your taste but from responding to feedback to other peoples tastes as well.


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