Evaluation 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? 

Evaluation 4 from Megan Cochrane on Vimeo.

In every stage of the process of creating my media product and various tasks such as the digipak and website, I used a large range of facilities from programmes such as After Effect when silhouetting the artist after filming him on a green screen which was very useful as I was able to break down the footage and have complete control over what the end result would look like. Final Cut Pro to create and edit the music video as well as tasks including the preliminary task and auditions and also Photoshop, which I used most throughout the whole process for creating the music video with the animations and for creating the logo among many things. I started to use a program called indesign to create my digipak however created all the covers in photoshop.

I used online programmes such as surveymonkey.com to create a survey during the research stages in order to gather information about constructing the music video in terms of location, costume and props. I used wix.com which allows me to create my website. This was really useful as not only was I thinking about creating something that would provide the correct information but also that would link and look advertising along with the rest of my media products. Having the ability to create a website is a really useful skill and will be incredibly useful in future with anything as you have to think about how other perceive things and how you’re going to get that message across to them. I used websites such as Facebook to gather feedback once posting my products to get a feel or how others felt about my work if there was anything to change to make something more appealing or exciting I also used it to help get my artist out there by sharing the music video along with the logo so that people would start to recognise it. I used Vimeo where like Facebook I was able to upload my footage making it easy to share and view.

When it came to filming footage I was using three devices, a Canon DSR, a GoPro to film the underwater and surfing shots and also my iPhone 6 which I used also as a sketch book, where I would film and see how it looks on camera, try different angles and positions before I was happy with the shots I wanted to use. I found this useful as it made me more mobile therefore making the process fun and effective.



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